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Delay on receiving email into service manager

Rohit Govind

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We are currently experiencing delays in receiving email into our Service Manager inbox some emails that users have reportedly send over an hour ago has still not been received. 

We've checked our Email and email filtering system and emails flow seems to be working fine,  Is there ar reported issue or can this be investigated please?




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@Rohit Govind no, we haven't done anything... to be honest, there wasn't anything we could have... You could check on the delayed emails if they have a different sent date/time vs. received date/time:

  • the send date/time is the date/time when the sender's mails server received the email to be sent to the recipient
  • the received date//time is the date/time when the recipient (i.e. Hornbill) received the email. It will be the time when the email reached the IMAP server (because that's your mail server)

There could only be an issue with Hornbill if the received date/time and the date/time when the email actually appeared in Hornbill email interface are different. However is the sent date/time is different than received date/time and the difference matches the delays you experienced then the issue lays outside Hornbill somewhere on the way between the sender's mail server and recipient mail server.

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