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Quick and easy way to setup custom questions for service?


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I need to setup 6 new services urgently. Each customer facing request type (Incident and Service Request) need 4 custom questions on top of the star rating. That's a total of 6 * 4 * 2 = 48 questions to manually type :(

3 out of the 4 questions have a list of radio buttons with 5 answers each => Total = 48 + (6*3*2*5) = 228 entries!

Is there a trick I could used to speed up the process? SQL or API?



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Hi @Lyonel

I'm afraid that I'm not aware of any quick-fire way of doing this.  I wouldn't recommend doing anything in SQL.  If this is referring to the custom questions in Progressive Capture you may be able to create a few base custom question forms that can then be copied to other Progressive Capture flows and then tweak each one as needed.


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