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Searching for Requests in Service Manager

Hornbill's Service Manager offers a number of search features for locating requests held within Service Manger.  These include options from using simple filters to creating complex search conditions.

The Global Search located at the top of the browser is always available no matter which Hornbill app you are working in.  A combination of a text search, search tools, and advanced operations provides the flexibility needed for fast results.

The Request List in itself contains a number of easily accessible options such as the Quick Filter located on the Request List tool bar.  As this works within your request list, options such as sorting and exporting your results are also available.

There may also be a need for a more complex search to find something very particular whether it be a single request or a group of requests.  For this we have the Advanced Search.  A wide range of criteria can be selected to build different conditions for your search. 

Now you may find yourself searching the same criteria over and over again.  If this is the case you are able to save your Advanced  Search as a View.  This will then be available in your list of Views to be used when ever needed.

One additional feature for searching requests can be accessed from the keyboard using the Shift+Ctrl+F key combination.  No matter where you are in Hornbill you can access this search where you can can enter a full reference number and open the request.

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