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'Description' optional column on Request List


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I was wondering whether 'Description' could be added to the optional columns on the request list? Some of our staff enjoy working with the more detailed information than the summary gives (our organisation uses the category titles as the summary - short and sharp!) and so having the ability to pick and choose would be excellent.

Also, is there a chance we could get the ability to change the column widths on the columns as some of them don't show all the wording in the line i.e. we have long site names in some cases, and only the 1st part shows.

Thanks in advance

CC: @John Delamare-Timms

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Hi @lokent we have looked at the option for adding the description field and we will look to add this in an upcoming Service Manager update, so please look out for the release notes for this addition.

In the mean time if you hover over the reference number on the request list the description is shown in the pop up for each request


Equally if you hover over any value on the request list (Summary, priority, SL etc) if will show a tooltip with the full value of the column if the column width is not wide enough to show the full column value. 

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience so if we can make some improvements to the columns widths we will certainly look to do so.



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