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Email - tick "Awaiting response" from within the Request and will put the call on-hold


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The amount of times a user has admittedly forgotten to put a call on hold-on after sending an email or updating a request to await the customer's response has had a huge affect on SLA causing investigations into why these tickets have gone beyond their resolution times. This is admittedly human error across the whole department, but if we can have a tick-box to help this would minimise this issue.

I would like to request for there to be a tick-box in the "Email" action against a request. If ticked, once the email is sent, the call is put on-hold.

The tick box should be appropriately titled "Awaiting response from Customer".

There should be an additional option under the "Sub-Status" area's in the Admin Tool and Service Manager to cater for this setting. We could set a "Global Sub-Status" to auto-set when the tick-box against the "Email" action is ticked, which will put the call on hold for say... 5 working days (or whatever is set up in the configuration).  This should be configurable at the Service (or even Catalog) level and override the "Global Sub-Status" on-hold timer.

It could even be worth attaching this to the SLA or Service Level as well.



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