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Service Portal Search Not Functioning Correctly


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I've just had an issue flagged to me regarding the service portal.

Searching for services is sometimes returning no results yet the service being searched for exists and can be viewed in the list manually.

We have a service called "Remote Access".  Searching on the word "Remote" returns no results but it used to.  Searching the word "Access" returns a service called "network logon and access".  The description of the service is "Remote Desktop Services".  Searching the word "Desktop" returns the desktop service but not the remote service.

Very strange.  Any ideas why this is and how we fix it?



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Guest Mohamed

Hi @clampj

This is odd behaviour and I haven't been able to replicate the scenario you've mentioned.
With regards to the Service(s) that you mentioned, is the current user who is searching for that service have rights to view that service?



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This is strange.  I've removed the subscription (which was the main company organisation which everyone should be a member) so that now everyone is subscribed to the service and it can now be found when searching.

The people trying to search for it are members of the company organisation so it should've have been returned in the search results.

I'll investigate further and let you know what I find.

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Mohamed

Is this linked to the search in the Portal not bringing back any 'forms' as results? it brings back everything else, just not forms:



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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Paul Alexander 

That's a slightly different issue to which our devs are looking into as mentioned here

Just to update, the issue mentioned above has been resolved and included in the latest build 1228

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