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Option to use value rather than default display

Dan Munns

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Can we have the option to use value rather than default display when putting info from PCs into custom fields?

Or if this exists already how can I do it? I have just created a rather complex BPM for assigning logging category based on PC answers and as some of the answers are the same but the category will be different I (stupidly) assumed that it would use the value rather than the default display. 

Thinking about it I can see why this is the case but I really (rather urgently) need this option. The onboarding of quite a large team (20 or so) depends on it working automatically. 

If we can have the option per variable that would be best I think so not to change current behaviour or have it as an on or off which will no doubt cause issues.

Actually if we could have say 5 custom fields which use the value I think that would be easier all round.

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Hi Dan,

Not sure we understand exactly what you mean. Is the "problem" when testing for a condition in the BPM. So you have a question (formA.question1) that is a list of display/value pairs i.e

a / Alpha
b / Bingo
c / Charlie

when defining a decision node condition it has to be set up as [formA.question1 === "Alpha"] instead of  [formA.question1 === "a"]  ? Is that the issue?


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The issue I have is a PC has say two possible answers and values, (first one in this example being the value, second being the answer shown to the user)

Review 24 / Review

Query 48 / Query

If I use the PC answer directly with a variable for a decision node I can use the value (Review 24)

If I copy the answer to a custom field first I can only use the default display (Review)

In my PC I need to use the value to set the category to set the service level. The issue is that there are multiple branches that may end in Review or Query etc for the user but the number in the value denotes the hours for the SLA.

I have four different Query SLAs and 5 different Review SLAs but don’t want to display the hours to the user hence using the value.

In this particular PC there are 24 different SLA times but only 11 different outcomes (Query, Review etc)

Apologies if I have confused anyone. I am writing this on my phone so the formatting may also be poor.

If it helps I can PM a copy of the BPM on request.



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Hi Dan,

 I've been reading through your post and I'd be curious to see the BPM that you have in play. From what I can tell you are unable to evaluate effectively on the display because this will only be either "Review" or "Query". The "value" is holding more granular information (Query [hours], and Review [hours], etc.)

I'm curious why evaluating directly on the progressive capture answer (rather than using the custom field in the request) is not suitable?

It would be good to understand the challenge further.

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Hi @Dan Munns

while the enhancement was accepted and a development story now exists for this, this particular story doesn't currently sit in the 90 day outlook.
I've ensured you have been added as a connection and I will look to highlight this as a candidate for progression, however this will of course be reviewed in conjunction with the other development stories put forward.
Naturally, at this stage I'm unable to provide an indication of when this may be delivered and I'm sorry I can't provide a more constructive answer at this time.


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Hi @Dan Munns just to update you on this requirement.

In the next Service Manager update due in the next couple of weeks the following options have been added to the Business Process Designer

1. When using the variable picker you can choose to inject or overwrite with either the Raw or Display values


2. In the Custom Expression builder, you will be able to evaluate against either the Raw or Display value of a variable 


I hope this helps, and please keep an eye out for the release notes for the next Service Manager update


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