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Can't Load next flow.


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@J_Tamburrini anything specific with these 4 tickets? Are they loading a particular flow?

EDIT: there was a Core/Collaboration update this morning at 10.13 which has some changes and fixes around PCFs. If the issue goes away after "log off/log in" it means the user needs to do this for the new changes to take effect and stop the issue from occurring.

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i think this was a user error in the end.

i was able to replicate the issue by  raising a new request selecting an SR, and follow the process through to a selection of a service used only for IR's.

it then crashed out on the Category profiling.

interested to hear about the PCF update as this might be related??




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2 hours ago, Harry Hornbill said:

Removing not visible fields from Progressive Capture custom form when was conditionally hidden



But I don't think is related... Why do you say it was user error? Seems there are some issues with the PCF (the error, the crashing) that I would like to investigate... Can I access your instance to look at this? If so pleas let me know which PCFs are causing trouble? :) 

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