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Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread


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I'm newly dipping my toes into the Project Module to see if it is viable for our Projects and Implementations team.

One of the key aspects that they currently use is a discussion thread, where co-workers and contacts can post to.


I can see the above exists for Project Stakeholders to be able to utilise, but is there a way for contacts to do so as well?

The closest I could find anything for, was the below:


but the option to add a contact isn't present...

Side Note: We use Hornbill predominantly for external companies

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Hi @mojahidm

Firstly, thanks very much for your post and thank you for installing the Hornbill Project Manager application.

Hornbill Project Manager is currently focussed on internal projects but that's not to say that it won't change in the future, especially if the demand from our customer base is there!

From what I can tell from your screenshots, you are interested in introducing collaboration between internal project stakeholders and external contacts. If the activity stream of a project were to appear on the portals so that external contacts could collaborate, would this be the sort of thing you are looking for?


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@mojahidm thanks for your post.

Having spoken with our product team, I can confirm that this is not something that we are working on in the short term. There are other features that are currently in development that are focused more around internal projects. As always though, if there is enough demand from our customers, a feature or change request can move up the priority list in no time at all! Please do keep posting your suggestions and enhancement requests on the forum. All feedback (both good and bad) is most welcome.



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