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Darren Rose

Bulk import of Contracts

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Is there a way of bulk importing service contracts into Customer Mgr. I have c.150 that need to be imported and hoping to avoid the manual process...



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Hi @Darren Rose,

The Contracts feature is still a Beta feature and it does not have an import capability. If you still would like to import the contracts, you will need to speak to our Profesional Services department and it will be a chargeable job.


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Hi Darren,

 thanks for your post. Looking at the API's available I would expect that if all you require is a single contract adding to each organisation this would only be a couple of hours work. We would simply need a spreadsheet containing the following information for each contract:


orgId xs:integer required once Organisation ID
name xs:string optional Name of the Contract
description xs:string optional Description of the Contract
dateFrom xs:dateTime optional Date the contract starts
dateTo xs:dateTime optional Date the contract ends
value xs:decimal optional Value for the Contract
contractType xs:string optional The type of contract. Stores the key from a Profile 'cm-contract-types'


We would then prepare an API sequence by looping through the rows and add each contract.

Of course, if there were subsequent elements required such as contacts associating to contracts this would need further consideration and will of course increase the time required.

If you would like a formal estimate and Statement of works preparing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your specific requirements via the Hornbill Success Portal: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/ and we would be more than happy to discuss further.



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