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Priorities per Service

Dan Munns

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Could we have the option to add priorities per service as well as the global ones? 

I am in the process of adding a new team to our instance and they require approx 8/9 new priorities added but I dont want them added to the ones already in use as it will cause confusion. 


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Hi @Martyn Houghton the issue I have is that these requests will only ever be logged by the end users (via the portal) and the priority is set depending on the options they select.

Could I use the PC to add a hidden field to the PC answers to be used in the request? I.e. User selects options 2,3 & 4, PC adds a read only field (hidden) with the correct priority, BPM takes the answer and uses it to set the service level? 

How have you set the service level using the PC answer? 


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@Dan Munns

Most of our requests are logged by the portal. We use a generic progressive capture so we branch in our case based on the organisation (but if you are using a service specific progressive capture you would not need to do this) and present them with the priority options, which we label 'Requested Priority'. We branch on organisations as different organisations have purchased different SLA's.


Then at the beginning of the BPM we extract the Question response.


Then use a string of decision nodes to then set the correct priority value itself before calling the start timer nodes for the Service Level rules to be applied.


It looks a bit complex in our screenshots as we have a lot of combinations.

Indeed subscribing priorities and organisations to service levels and services would make it a lot simpler, but this works for us.






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