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Turn on Automatic Backups notification keeps coming up


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I have had several users complain that the Turn On Automatic Backups notification keeps reappearing daily.  It doesn't seem to matter if they have turned the setting on or off or if they click Yes or No.

Does anyone know how to make this message disappear for good? 




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Hi Daniel

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.  They don't seem to have any special configuration of the browser.  We use IE  11 across the estate.

For me - on my laptop it is fine, it never reappeared after the first time but every time I log onto another PC it comes back again.  Just that notification, none of the rest of them.



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Hi @HGrigsby,

The notification will apear each time you get in to a new machine, this is because the information (backup) is stored against the machine. That's why for security it asks you. Once it asked you once, it will not ask you again on that machine (unless you clear all your browsing cache).

A new option in coming soon that completely disables the features for all your machines if it keeps on bothering you.



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Hi @Daniel Dekel

This is becoming a pain for us - I'm not sure it hasn't happened more than once on the same machine (but possible using different browsers). We are using it in a thin client environment and its also possible due to maintenance the cache gets cleared.

Let me know when the permanent fix is available as I'm starting to get complaints.


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