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Searching BPM's and Prog Capts.....has it always been like this?!

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I might be going mad here, but I'm sure that when I was searching BPM's and Prog Captures I never used to have to use wildcards for a one word search? 

This morning though, I was trying to find a BPM I was sure I'd created on Friday which contained the word 'Project', however when I did a search in our list, it came up with nothing. So I sorted the list by the 'created date' and, sure enough, there it was.....so I tried a search using the "%" wildcard and it came up with loads. has this changed recently or am I just being forgetful?








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Hi Paul,

There were some changes done to some of our APIs for performance improvements which changed the behaviour here.  We have reverted this particular area and you should find that the search will behave as it was after the next update to Administration is applied.


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