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Change workflow version for an existing request


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Hi Guys - I have a problem with one of my change requests -  it was raised at the start of last month, and has been in progress since.  a member of staff has in the meantime left the business, and we have downgraded there hornbill account, and disabled the AD account.


the problem is our leaver was referred to as a named user in some authorisation tasks for this change, and so now we cannot progress the request as the workflow fails.  I have already updated the workflow so this is fixed in future change requests, but this doesn't change the workflow for already existing change requests.  is there anyway to force the already existing change request to use the latest workflow version with the leaver removed?


we don't really want to re-raise the request as this isn't then a true reflection of the change etc,




this ticket also linked to this request - we'd like to move away from named users, but unsure if it can be done and maintain the 'flexability' we have?









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It would be good to be able to assign the authorisation task to a role rather than a user. That way we could assign authorisation based on department roles. I.e. IT Change Manager, Business Change Manager etc. 

At the moment it is only users and variables (variables I can't seem to work out how to use properly).

As far as the uncreated tasks go, you will have to grant the archived account a user licence and set it active, then when the tasks are created you can reassign them manually. 

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  • Victor changed the title to Change workflow version for an existing request

Thanks @Dan Munns


this isn't really a good option for us though, we don't have any full hornbill licences spare I don't think (our leaver was replaced straight away), and for me its not feasible to have to keep downgrading someones licence every time we need to approve a change that was raised in the last few months, as this could be going on for the next month or 2, also, the person I downgrade looses stuff I believe? (it warns you when you downgrade) - this bug needs to be fixed!


there must be a way to bypass this?  we shouldn't have to raise a new ticket as it wouldn't have all the timings etc again, and is very much against the point of a change control system.


we are going to have this problem continuously going forwards as well as we have another leaver.



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@Victor - thank you :) - I noticed the errors had gone on this and I was able to progress it - is this a change we can make ourselves to any other tickets that require it? or do we need to come to you guys? as I think we'l have a few more of these to come,





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@Dan Munns

just an update to this post. 

We are introducing the options to allow approvers by both Role and Group.

We are adding two new business process options: Hornbill Collaboration > Application > Utility > Get Authorisers By Role / Get Authorisers By Group

From here you will have the option to then choose an Assignment Role or Group 

  • This will include all Active users with that role or in that group as an approver (will receive an approval task), Active being non archived or suspended user accounts. 
  • You can set authorisation type as follows:
    • Unanimous - Needs approval by all users
    • Majority - Needs approval by the majority of the users (i.e 4 out of 7)
    • Individual - Needs approval only by one of the users  

The New node needs to be followed by the existing Auto Assign Authorisation node in order to actually load and create the approval tasks.


This approach will mean you can manage your users in the groups and roles and not need to remember to edit individual business processes should a user leave / join etc. 

This new option will be available in a admin console update shortly so watch out for the release notes 


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