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Copy attachments to linked request


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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your post.  We do have a change in our backlog which would allow you to select more option to include when raising a linked requests.  This could include options such as attachments, connections, members, linked request, etc.  I'll make sure that you are added to this change in our backlog.



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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for me for this please.....adding attachments and members would be a great addition when creating linked requests

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I'd like to bring this topic back from the dead ....

We'd really, really, really like the option of being able to copy attachments (and members and connections) when using the "Integration" and "Log Requests" automations in a workflow.

Without this, we'd need to do some rather messy custom code and webhooks to try and achieve this, and I'd like to avoid having to write reams of custom code for such operations.

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