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Update Action - E-mail customer


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Hi all,

Is there a setting that can be enabled to e-mail the customer when an update has been applied to a request via the update action?

Currently customers will only receive an e-mail if the e-mail action has been used.

Thanks in advance

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Why not just use the email action for updates that the customer needs to know about? It does exactly what you want (sends an email) and updates the timeline as well.
Having an update email the Customer, which would have to be optional to stop the old Supportworks problem of bombarding the customer with unwanted emails, just introduces a massive opportunity for human error.

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@dwalby @samwoo we do have a story to provide email notifications to customers when there are customer facing updates posted to a request  We are also considering options to make this configurable and options for customers to opt out of such notifications.  This is still being planned out and as it progresses we will post back updates here. 

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@Steven Boardman

I like the idea of opt out - we do explain when to use email and when to use update but analysts still make mistakes so I would prefer if we could send a notification on both (with an option of opting out).


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