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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


We're starting to use the Workspaces to gather ideas, how-to's and field questions for the different Hornbill apps, but we're having a few problems with the 'search' items.

For instance....if was looking for an item which I knew contained some info about a gantt chart.  I would enter 'gantt' in the global search bar, and it comes up with an item:





However, this wasn't the item I was looking for, so I tried a wildcard search (gant*) and this also brought up the same item.

So, I thought I'd try searching for gant* CHART...and that brought up 2 hits, neither of which mentions 'gant' but which do contain the word 'chart', and neither of which are the one that was brought up before.



I know you've been doing some great improvement work on searching the FAQ's, is this work going to carry on over to the Workspaces too please? Or am I missing something which will make the searching a little easier to use?





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Hi Paul

When you specify 2 words when searching workspaces it will use an OR by default.  In your search it will return results for "gant*" OR "chart". A result that contains both words would normally show with a higher relevance, however when using wildcards the word with the wildcard is not included in the relevance.   If you want to return results that have both words you can use the AND operator - gant* AND chart. 

Some other syntax that can be used includes:

There are a selection of operators and syntax available to perform advanced searches from the Global Search Bar. Some that are commonly used include:

  • Boolean Operators: AND (+), OR, NOT (-).
  • Must be in ALL CAPS
  • OR is the default
  • AND matches posts and comments that contain both words
  • NOT excludes posts and comments that contain that word
  • Wildcard Searches: *, ?
  • An * is used for a multiple character wildcard search
  • A ? is used for a single character wildcard search
  • Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a search term
  • String Search with Quotations
  • Placing two or more words within "double quotes" will search for that exact string
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Hi Paul, 

We have done some tests around the use of the wildcard in your search and getting different results.  It looks like there may be some inconsistencies with results when using wildcard characters in your search when the words that you are looking for are stored in the post or comment within quotes.  For example searching on gantt will return posts and comments that contain either 'GANTT' or GANTT, however using the search text gant*  it is possibly only returning posts and comments with GANTT and not 'GANTT'

This is currently being investigated.



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