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Hi all,

I'm trying to setup my BPMs so that if an analyst is raising a request and has specified a team/analyst during the progress capture stage then it gets assigned accordingly, if not it'll default to the 1st line team. In our environment members other than the 1st line team occasionally need to raise a request.

Currently my new incident BPM assigns ALL requests raised by analysts to 1st line via a Assign to Team node at the beginning of the workflow- this is inefficient for us for a few reasons;

1) 1st line analysts receive an e-mail/notification every time a request is raised, despite is subsequently being picked up almost immediately by the analyst from another team who raised it. This causes both confusion and unnecessary notifications
2) The analyst who raised the request then needs to manually assign it to themselves after it's been raised

What I was hoping was that I could add a decision which looks at the progress capture to see if anything was specified in the Assignment node, if not then assign to 1st line. When adding a Get Progressive Capture Answers and  decision however, it seems you can only select results from custom PCFs not the out-of-the-box new incident PCF.

Is there another way I could do this, or a better way altogether?

Thanks in advance

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