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Can I request some addtional fields to be used for the Software Asset Class:

  1. Licence Key
  2. Registered Email Address
  3. Registered Name
  4. Licence Start Date
  5. Licence Expiry Date
  6. Licence Renewal Date
  7. Licence Type (Single User Licence, Named User Licence, Concurrent Licence, Per Device Licence, Optimizational based Licence, Transactional based Licence, Subscription based Licence)
  8. Licence Cost

It would be handy to be able to... Add multiple users as the "Owners" or "Used By" fields if the Licence is "Concurrent"

Other people may have other ideas.



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Hi @samwoo

Thanks for your post.  I have added this to a change that is regularly cycled through to add more fields to the asset classes.  These all look like valid requirements to me.

The ability to have multiple owners or used by is a separate change that we have in our backlog, which I'll add you to.



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Hi @James Ainsworth,

Many thanks for adding me to the change to add more asset fields.

I have another request - can we have a "Supported By" field where we can choose the user (not necessarily a Full User, but could be a basic user)
(better for us) incorporate the concept of a Primary User and Secondary users.

  • The Primary User is the main support person for that particualr software
  • The Secondary Users are other users who can also support the Application.

Use case is that we have different people supporting different software (or possibly even other asset classes) so would be good to capture that information in Hornbill.

Can you also include the "Supported By" and/or "Primary User / Secondary Users" field in the change to allow multiple users assigned to the "Owned By" or "Used By" fields to also applied to the Support By / Secondary Users fields?

Many thanks,


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  • 2 months later...


Are we overdue for additional fields to be added to the assets?

I would like to request additional fields but this time for the Computer Class (for Servers)

Application Pools           |  Yes / No
Server Location Type     |  Free Text or Simple List   (Cloud / On-premise) 
Next Patch Date              |  Date Field
Last Patch Date               |  Date field   (To be changed when the Next Patch Date field gets updated)
Disaster Recovery?         |  Yes / No
Host Name                       |  Free Text   (Can we initiate Remote Desktop Connection using this?)

I know i have made some other posts somewhere else on the forums aside from the ones above and this post so I hope these fields can be added soon.
To end with before going home:
Are there any loving changes coming to Asset Management in the future? I'm not sure it has changed much (it's still good though) so it just got me curious.



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Hi @samwoo

I'll make sure that these fields are reviewed for when we next update the asset type fields.


9 hours ago, samwoo said:

Are there any loving changes coming to Asset Management in the future?

There are a number of changes in our backlog for assets.  We will continue review these and hopefully you will see a few new features over time.



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1 hour ago, Aaron Summers said:

I'm 99% sure that you meant to say "can't"? :P

@James Ainsworth Add me in please :)

Well spotted... and the more I think about it... i'm 100% sure I can't wait lol.

  • Haha 1
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  • 3 months later...

This would be useful for us as well. Can I add some another  fields to the enhancement request as well - License Count - for Terminal/Citrix Servers you may have a number of licenses assigned or in our use case it would be the number of licenses of our software we have issued to them.




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