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New Custom Fields Query


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Hi, its great to see that there are some new custom fields available now (as below - extracted from the wiki) and we will definitely be using these.

Available Fields

There are 30 available custom fields which you can choose from per request type per service.

Fields Custom A-M are of type varchar and limited to 255 characters - any values entered into these fields will be truncated after 255 characters

Fields Custom P-T are of type text with no character limit

Fields Custom 21-25 are of type datetime

Fields Custom 26-30 are of type Integer


I have a few queries though:

1. What happened to Custom N & O ?  Is this just a typo or are N and O no longer available?

2. Does this mean that Custom P-T fields will also have unlimited characters in the ProCap if a multi line text field is use?

3. Any chance of increasing the number of type datetime custom fields?  I was configuring a ProCap yesterday that had 8 so I ran out lol

4. Any reason why you've limited it to 30 and not used U-Z or 1-20 ?





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Hi @SJEaton,

1. its a typo. custom_n and custom_o are still available

2. yes

3. I will check with the relevant people if there is any change in the pipeline to increase the  number of properties datetime

4. at the time we enhanced this feature, 30 custom fields did fulfill customer requirements, so the limit




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Hi @SJEaton

there is no change in the pipeline to increase the number of properties datetime.

May I ask how many custom fields, and the type, that you would need ?

If you use custom fields in BPM decision nodes and you need more than 5,  you may alternatively use answers from Progressive Capture Custom Forms ?




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Hi @ArmandoDM

It's hard to say how many we would need, but as I said I need 8 date/time fields in a ProCap the other day.  I was also wanting more than 5 unlimited character custom fields the other day in a different ProCap I was configuring. 

If there are no plans to increase the numbers of these more specific custom fields then we will continue to utilise what's available the best we can.

Best Wishes


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