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'Smart' Snippet Variables


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I would like to request a feature that I would call "Smart" Snippet Variables... for lack of a better name.

Basically when you create a snippet, you can choose from the list of Variables to automatically pull through certain parts of the call.

How about creating a new set of Variables which will look at anything linked to the ticket?

For example...

  1. Within the Variable screen we can choose the "Asset" variable
  2. When you choose this, you will be prompted to choose which Class and which Type you want to pull through automatically.
  3. When you use this Snippet in future emails...
    1. IF the ticket has a single Asset linked to it, of said Class and Type, then pull in the Asset Name in automatically
    2. OR if the ticket has MULTIPLE Assets linked to it, of said Class and Type then prompt the user to choose which one they are referring to (with also including the option of being able to add in another asset, which will automatically link it to the request - another way of forcing Assets to be linked to tickets)

When viewing the Asset variable in the email template after insertion, it may look something like (examples)
- {{Asset_Name|Computer|Laptop}}
- {{Asset_Serial_No|Computer|Laptop}}
- {{Asset_Owned_By|Computer|Desktop}}
- {{Asset_Supplier|Software|Business Critical Applications}}

This can be extended to Connections as well. And maybe also pull in the details of the Customer's manager too.

Many thanks,


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