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Self Service Portal - can you upload your own icons?

Claire Holtham

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The changes to the self-service portal are a great step in the right direction, but I wonder is it possible for us to upload our own icons for the services?

What would be great would be if the desktop icons for an application, could also be the icon within the self-service portal for logging a call relating to it.

Is that possible?




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Hi Claire,

Thanks for your post.  

We have chosen to provide a library of icons rather than allowing the unloading of custom images.  The idea behind this was to provide a consistent view and styling throughout.   We use Font Icons which render quickly, and are easy to work with when it comes to size and colour.   The library of icons is updated regularly and the number of icons available increase with it.  The icon for a service is used in many places and the same icon can be displayed as a large icon on the Portals, to a very small icon in a list.  In this example we are able to combine two icons to show a relation between a Service and a Request Catalog Item belonging to that service.


We have not dismissed the idea of providing a way to upload custom icons, but there isn't anything planned in the short term.



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@James Ainsworth

This is something we are also interested in.

As an alternative/interim, would it be possible for Hornbill customers to 'purchase' the creation of custom icons which are added to Hornbill's Font Awesome Pro library? Though these would be available for all platform customers, it would provide a mechanism to allow their use, without changes to the application?




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+1 - we are interested in this, though for the most part we will continue to use the icons provided in the Hornbill app, but I would create my own icon where relevant but using inspiration from the style that Font Awesome provides.

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