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SLT issues logged by email


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Good Afternoon,


Is anyone else having issues with auto responded emails not  assigning a service level?

we are seeing all emails come in being marked with a priority but the SLT markers are blank and state 

* Response not in use

* Resolution not in use


Any ideas if this is a system issue or something that i may have changed inadvertently.



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Hi @J_Tamburrini

Thanks for the post, following further review we have identified an issue with the setting of service levels via autoresponder and a fix will be in the next update of service manager.

Kind Regards



Edited by David Hall
Further investigation led to issue being identified
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Morning @J_Tamburrini

The actual process of applying the service level is the same via email or manually via the client, however its the context that caused the problem in this case as its a system account that does the work when logging via email, rather than the analyst account when logging manually.  The fix is now in beta testing and we are working on releasing an update as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


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