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@Daniel Dekel

Ok, why is it I have the option to set and others do not have this button available? Is it because I am admin?

We have users that are working on a request from other teams but the work they do need to be logged on the categorie of the original team. For instance a project team member is the 2nd line support. The time spent on the request needs to be logged on the category working on request. Hope this makes sence.

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Managing categories is only available for Group Manager (like team leader). Setting default categories is part of the categories view and therefore setting defaults (even from the actual category selector) can only be performed by the manager.

The reason for this is to have the team manager to manage the categories for the team. In your case you are saying that the analyst dealing with a specific request doesn't necessarily belong to the  same group (team) the request is assigned to?

This means that the analyst will not even see the categories? Is that correct? Perhaps you should have more generic categories to be shared with a role rather than a group? Still, defaults can only be assigned by the Team Manager. In your case as you mentioned, you might need defaults per user.



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