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Wrong Details pulled through when printing a request


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We have a Shared Hub Stationery Order request set up under 'Shared Hub' service and when we print the requests received they show different custom fields in the details section. See screenshots.  Employee Start Date and Gross Total Cost of Honorarium  are probably details set up in a different service somewhere but not this one.  Really odd? 


The first screen shot is what is shown in the request itself, the second what it prints and the third is what is set up in View Details Form, for the service requests in the Shared Hub service  




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Hi Sam,

Had a look at the printing template, and there is an issue. 
Custom Fields are included in the  Details section, using the default system level translation string for the field. 

A question for this request has been mapped to a Custom Field, so it has been printed out, and the translation string for that custom field on your system has been used.

The user is not seeing information related to another request. The print template needs to take into account the Service Level request configuration for fields to display and translation strings (your other screenshots) but is not.

Details Link.JPG

I will raise an issue for development to look at


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