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Hyperlink straight to a catalogue item


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Hi Guys - is there any way we can hyperlink straight to a catalogue item, within a service, within the customer portal?


back story is; we have a new Intranet website, and we want to provide clicky links to our "new starter process flow", New hardware process flow" etc - but the way the portals seems to work, it doesn't give a unique URL for each catalogue item, only for each service.  which we have multiple catalogue items within... which is a problem as we'd like to make it really obvious for our users!  


we also tried creating a new hidden service for each catalogue item, e.g. a service called "new starter", which only has one catalogue item "new starter" within it, but it doesn't let us hyperlink to hidden services either.


is there anything we can do here?





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@Gary@ADL @Martyn Houghton this is possible and I have a few links set to direct users directly to the form of a CI. 

In the hyperlink you just need to add the CI ID number to the end of the url eg: 


You can find the catalog ID in DB Direct. 

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Guest Paul Alexander

I've just found this out (apologies if it's old news!) but I was having similar problems with sending people a direct link to a Catalog Item on the portal (in that the link normally just sends people to the 'service' page rather than the actual Catalog Item.)

In the Portal home page, if you do a search for a particular item and open up the Catalog Item from the search item, the address in the address bar is the full, correct one:










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