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Move existing request to new Process

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I have an issue where there is a number of default Service Requests which was not assigned to any Business Process which i have now defined. For this reason i want to move/reassign some of these requests to this new business process.

Is there a way of moving an existing request to a new process i have defined. One way i found is by doing a create copy but in that case the Call Diary is not carried with that so an option could be that if you could merge two service requests also.

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Hi Ulrik,

Thanks for your post.

Once a request has been raised, a BPM workflow can't be assigned to it.  Unfortunately, merging can't be done either.  

You can use the Linked Request option to raise a new request.  This will carry over some of the information from the original request and create a link between the two so that the original timeline can be referenced.


I hope that helps.



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