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Getting an auto response when sending email from a call?

lee mcdermott

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I have an analyst reporting that whenever he sends an email from a call open or closed to a customer and if he CC's himself into the email he gets an automated system message to inform him and the user that "your call has been successfully logged"


I have checked which mailbox role he has access to and it is the same as myself. I have tried it against the 2 calls he has highlighted to me and mine send ok and I don't get any auto message back.


Am I missing something obvious as to why this is happening or anyone have any ideas?



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  • Victor changed the title to Getting an auto response when sending email from a call?

@Lee I had a similar issue yesterday. When I checked my service, I realised I had specified a call logging email template as an email template in the service. You might have specified a call logging template which is against that service used on that call. Please check that is not the case. When calls are updated by email, a system template is used and you dont need to specify a template against the service. I left mine as Default(RequestMessage)




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