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BPM email notification to customer error


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Hi - I'm v new to Hornbill, thought I would be able to set up an email notification to the customer in a BPM following an existing example, however it is erroring and I'd appreciate some advice.

I attach a screenshot of the node configuration, one of the error message and one of the email template.  (I have tried it with other email templates and get the same error, I have tried setting it to email a different address and also get the same error.)  



email node config.PNG

email error.PNG

email template name.PNG

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no luck :-(  I am right to make the change to the BPM, validate & save it, publish it, return to the test ticket and refresh the HUD refresh?  (in case I should be creating a fresh ticket / logging out/in...)




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15 hours ago, Siobhan said:

return to the test ticket and refresh the HUD refresh

As advised by James, you would need a new test ticket...

The reason is that when a ticket is created and it has a BP/workflow associated to it, at the time of the request is created an instance (a copy) of the existing process/workflow configuration is associated to that ticket. That instance/copy does not change throughout the ticket lifetime... In other words, any changes you make to a process/workflow will not apply to requests that already have an instance/copy of the process/workflow...

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