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Add hyperlinks as Service tiles on the portal

Dan Munns

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As per @James Ainsworth suggestion I am posting this as a separate post to the Portal improvements 

Looking at the current list of portal improvements (hopefully available very soon) it all looks very promising. One thing I would like to throw into the ring as it were. Would it be possible to add hyperlinks to service tiles? 

We (like most companies) use a third party provider for such things as benefits and compulsory training, but want the portal to be a one stop shop for all request types. 

Being able to allow users to go to the single portal and select the benefits option and have it take them to our third party page would go a long way to standardise the whole thing.

Similarly we use Jira for businesses changes and have had instances where people have logged requests on our portal rather than scroll down a little and find the Jira link.

The ability to allow service tiles to act as hyperlinks would limit this also. 

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