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Rebuild - Best Practice, thoughts


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So 6 months ago I was tasked with carrying out a review of how we use Hornbill and what additional function we desperately need. After spending many hours reviewing and talking to other organisations and suppliers, we decided that 99% of the missing functionality is now available but we have't implemented. Thats great news, I very much like Hornbill both staff and product. 

So the next phase is to look at what we need to change and how we are going to do this. This got me thinking

We have close to 30 teams (100 users) supporting 5000 Customers, everyone in every team is responsible to log any interaction with a customer on the request.

Up till now we have added each user to each team (organisation) and then used  "Hornbill Service Manager>Configuration>Service Desk" to disable the ability to have calls assigned. 

Is there a better way of doing this? 

I have also noticed that if no team is assigned to a service it says


Has this always been the case? In an environment where we all contribute to all calls would I be better to change our current services to all be left blank? (What are the pros and cons)


Im sure there will be more as I plan for the future but thank everyone in advance for any advice.


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I don't know if it's always been the case, but it has since I upgraded from Supportworks to Service Manager.

If you are genuinely all supporting a service, then I would argue that yes, it is more efficient to leave the Supporting Teams box empty and let it default to "all teams"


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4 hours ago, Kelvin said:

Has this always been the case?

Hi @Kelvin

First, it is great to hear your feedback and kind words.  Many thanks.

Regarding the Supporting Teams option on a Service, yes this has always been the case that if you don't select a specific team or teams that the Service is supported by all teams. This was done to allow for a more simple and faster setup. When there is an exception to the case and you want a more closed group of people working a Service, you would add the individual teams.   It is important to consider what is being captured in the requests and if there is any data that you feel is sensitive and visibility should be controlled.

With 30 teams, if you leave a Service set to be supported by all teams, this will also be reflected when assigning a request as all teams will be visible which can make it a bit more challenging for a user to know which is the right team to assign to.  You may want to have the team assignments automated in the BPM as much as possible.  

At the moment, setting up Teams is done as you have described where you need to update the Organisation structure in Administration by creating teams and adding users to those teams.  I will be interested to hear ideas and comments about this and if there is more we can do to work with Teams.



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