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Mouse cursor scroll when going off screen holding a node...


What do you think?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • My first set of ideas?
    • My second idea (fixed-size Canvas)
    • None - leave as is (why?)

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This is likely to be a very odd request... But can I request for tweaks to be made to the progressive capture? (and possibly the Business Process too)

Here we go..

When picking up a node to drop it, I may need to align the node to near the bottom of the page (partially or not partially out of sight). It gets a bit annoying that the Progressive Capture scrolls down so when the node itself hits the edge, then whilst amongst that empty white space the progressive capture scrolls up with your node auto-resizing the canvas as it goes which is a bit confusing sometimes.

Node scrolling.mp4

  1. Can we have it so that the page scrolls ONLY when the mouse cursor hits the edge of the screen, and not the edge of the node?
  2. Can you slow down the scroll that occurs?
  3. Prevent the resizing of the Canvas until after we drop the node?

OR even better

  1. Can we have a fixed-size canvas that we can control the size of?
    1. Ability to set fixed size and auto-resizing beyond fixed size
    2. Auto-conform canvas to the nodes (maybing leaving a padding of 10 pixels around the edge to make it look nice)
    3. Align the nodes to the center, left or right of the canvas (like aligning a table in a Word document, which keeps the content looking the same, but the table moving to it's aligned position)
    4. Ability to increment (tap) or expand / shrink (hold) the width and height values - but prevent going smaller if there are nodes that should prevent it so.
    5. Could we have that little transparent window that's apparent in other applications we gives you an overview of the entire document and visually see what part of the canvas you are looking at?



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I do agree the auto scroll can be annoying. I just set my zoom to make sure it isn't that much of a problem. 

As for the other things I would much prefer the same functions as Visio for creating the BPMs. Auto snap to grid (toggleable) auto display spacing etc etc. 

Makes life so much neater for my OCD.

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