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Find Documents more easily in the latest update of Document Manager


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The latest update of Document Manager is now available in the Hornbill App Store, we've introduced a few new features to make it easier to navigate your collections and libraries and to help you find documents, Here is a quick summary of what we've added:

  1. A new global search option has been added to the document search to allow you to search for documents by title and description, the tag search is still there but you can now switch between these two search modes
  2. In order to make it quicker and easier to access your Libraries and Collections we've created a navigation panel on the left of the document list, now you can go straight to what you're most interested in without needing to look for it in a dropdown menu
  3. Libraries can now be filtered by tags, and you can see what tags appear in the library at the top of the Library list - this means if you've got a lot of documents in a library you can quickly filter down on what you're interested in

The new search and the Library tag filters are available in Collaboration Core and in the Customer Portal so all document manager users should benefit from them.  Hopefully this will make getting to the documents much easier and faster, more details can be found on the document manager wiki, please let us know any feedback or comments you have.


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