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New Activity Templates

Daniel Dekel

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We've just added Templates to the Activities. Soon you will be able to create templates for Activities which will be available to all users. These templates specify the outcomes and checklists that will appear on an Activity and a list of available templates will appear when creating a new Activity.
To manage these, you need the "Activity Template Manager Role".

Some of the template functionality, such as the outcomes, were previously handled by the Categories.  Now it's been separated, but don't worry, we've created pre-defined templates for you based on your existing Categories.
Those categories will still be there, but now will be much simpler.

You can also now create and change Outcomes when editing an Activity.

Hope you like it!


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On 3/19/2018 at 2:47 PM, Daniel Dekel said:

Soon you will be able to create templates for Activities which will be available to all users.

@Daniel Dekel

Does this mean we cannot just yet create our own templates?

Following since this will be a huge improvement for us.

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4 minutes ago, Daniel Dekel said:

That is right @HHH, at the moment only a manager can create templates for everyone to use. But we did think about this and we will add later on an option for every user to have his own templates.



Is there a howto guide somewhere?

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Just now, Daniel Dekel said:

No @HHH, the functionality is quite straight forward. Is there something that you need help in?

I cannot seem to find a save/save as template. I am logged in as admin. Are the templates done somewhere else than in the task?


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We are having difficulty assigning a group to an Activity template.

We create a typical template, but when we click Update, the Group field is cleared.

We have to click off the new template, then back into it before we can assign the Group.

Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?


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Hi @neilcg,

Can you please provide some more details? I can't see from your screen shot any group selection at all.

When you choose the group option, you select a group from the list and click the Update Button the selected group gets removed? 

What happens if you refresh the browser (F5)? and open the template again, will the group be still empty?

What browser are you using in what operating system?




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Hi @Daniel Dekel 

I fill out the form as below;


Click Create and see this;


F5 doesn't change anything.

I can then assign to group and update;


Windows 10, Browser- Edge but we've experienced similar behaviour in IE 10, Chrome and Safari

Hope this helps




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I understand that we are having a bit of trouble re-creating this issue, we need to try a few more things, we will keep you informed. The UI glitch is also pretty horrible where the field is extending over its expected boundary, we need to fix that too and will get that sorted.

One thing you could try for us, could you open Chrome Developer Tools (F12), click on the console tab and then re-create the problem to see if any error (text in red) appears in the Chrome Dev Tools console window?

If there is an error, could you please either copy that text or take a screenshot? 


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