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Filters to retain value on Back Button

Martyn Houghton

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When doing a lot of repetitive work such as updating a lot of services, it would be helpful for the back button or even a separate back link/button to retain the Filter value you used in the previous screen. For example have an option 'Back to List' or 'Back to Service List' option which took you back to the previous page where you have applied a filter value. At the moment you have to enter the filter again, or have to spawn a new tab.window each time you select an item in order to retain the context.



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Hi Martyn,

We are looking to add to the filter options for the list of Services which will include items such as providing a filter by Service Category and eventually a Home View similar to the Request List.  I'll look into the requirements for providing persisting filters for the Services List during your session and see how we can best deliver this.



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