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Setup delegation when on leave?


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I am not sure this is the best place to post this request but here goes nothing:

When a colleague goes on holiday for a long period of time, having the possibility to setup a delegate for all new tasks would be incredibly useful. 

I can see at least 2 solutions:

1. Setup a delegate between two dates.

2. When the status of the person is "On Holiday" and a delegate is specified in his profile

When assigning a task to the person going on holiday, the system could then double check the settings and reassign the task automatically (as if it was done manually by an admin)?

Anybody else interested?

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Hi @Lyonel,

We do have a planned change that will provide a similar functionality. Is a more generic delegation option in the actual user's profile. That will work for activities but also with workspaces, documents and more.

Is not a high priority change but we do have it in our list of TODOs ;-)



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