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Storage management View of the storage consumed


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This may seems like an odd question but it is worth a shot: over the last couple of years a lot of good improvements have been done on the administration console :) 

In my case, one thing missing from the admin console is a screen where you could review your storage in details, grouped by categories and document types?

At the moment, the only thing we have is this simple screen:


Having the possibility to explore in more details where our space is consumed could help manage better and more efficiently our storage? Or identify a potential big issue in the way we work?

If it is not possible to automate this, having it as an expert service would still be a good workaround.

Thanks for any feedback!


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Apologies for not getting back to you regarding this, we discussed this internally and agreed this is something we will add in the future however it's not currently in our 90 window. 

One thing you can use for storage usage on entities is the following query:


select count(*) as h_total_files, sum(h_size) as h_total_size,h_owner_name,h_raw_dav_store_id,h_owner_type from h_cafs_ext_details group by h_owner_name,h_raw_dav_store_id,h_owner_type

If anything changes around progressing this forward I will reply back.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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