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Displaying a service page can be slow


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Depending on the setup and content of a service, displaying its page in the service portal has big consequences on performance. Even when using Chrome, I can see a big difference between a simple service (3 catalogue items, no FAQs) that takes less than a second to display; and a more complete service (12 catalogue items, 14 FAQs) where it can take up to 10 seconds before something is displayed on the screen:


Is there anything we can do? Could the various tabs and FAQs be loaded asynchronously to "improve" performances?


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Hi @Lyonel,

We had a look and investigated the performance of Service Manager APIs when loading opening a Service in the Portal(s). We identified a number of changes that could be improved to that affect. Although not mostly major changes, I do hope that this will improve your experience of opening a Service by 30% to 40%. These improvements will be in the next Service Manager build, we plan to make this available in the week commencing 28th August.



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