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Performance of search engine for service portal


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When searching for keywords on our service portal (as a normal end user / customer), I have noticed a degradation of performance over the last few months. Is there something I can do from my end to improve performances.

It is particularly frustrating as keywords already search appear in the search text box, so as a standard user I would expect some quick results.

For instance, it takes approx. 15 seconds to search "sales analysis" as a keyword and report 393 results back. I am not quite sure if the problem is on the database side, front end or both?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

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Apologies for the delayed response. Our developers have been trying to replicate the performance issues by stress testing the feature as best as possible, unfortunately to no avail

Just to confirm are you on the latest build?

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Hi @Lyonel

the time for reindexing depends on how much data you have in your table.  It may take long if you have a big amount of requests.

My suggestion would be to reindex in the evening, possibly at the end of the working day, and then try to search the day after ?



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@ArmandoDM @Victor of course you can look at our instance :) But then again I love SQL... so pure database counts:

- 261 services

-  1128 catalog items

- 1129 faqs

- 67479 requests (67084 published)

If we apply some business logic, you can probably half the services, catalog items and faqs

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