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Prathmesh Patel

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Not currently. To be honest we use the email function as an update function (as long as we need the user to see it) as it updates the timeline the same. 

We tend to use the updates function as an internal, team only update. 

We are trying to get users to utilise the portal more for getting updates but they tend to just call the Service Desk rather than log onto the portal. :angry:

The email update works well as a compromise (for the moment, I will get them to go to the portal if it kills me) 

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We had this issue when we first migrated, because it's a very weird thing when you're coming from Supportworks!

Ultimately, though, we found it increases the response to emails from Customers, as they used to get bombarded, one for every update, and now they only get one when it's necessary. It was just a case of getting used to emailing the update knowing that it will also update the timeline when you want to alert the customer, rather than updating the timeline and unchecking a box when you don't want to alert them! No we don't have anywhere near as many customers with rules to auto-delete our emails!

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+1 this will be a very good addition

@Steven Boardman - Re. the story, has it been discussed how it would work? ie. such as choose a snippet or template etc? Or is it to email a customer to let them know the call has been updated? (which is just as good)



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@samwoo we haven't settled on the final technical approach for this - as with most stories we have various options open to us and we go through a a design phase in the maturing of each story and assess each possible approach from various stand points.   Interestingly the above have been considered but we also need to look at options for making this global / service specific as well as options for allowing this on an update by  update basis for agents to apply, as well as considering blanket updates for updates which have a Customer visibility level.  Finally there are considerations for letting customers Opt out of such notifications either per request or in general. 

So all in all there are factors which will influence the direction we take but this is all part of the story technical definition once the functional requirements of the story are nailed down.

Im sure we'll settle on the right approach giving due consideration to all of the above



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