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2 Stage Closure not working


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We've just realised that our two stage closure, that has previously been working fine seems to not now be working - whichever option on the portal is clicked ("It's Working!"/"It's still broken") the process seems to be going down the expiry route and marking the call as closed - it's adding the text to the timeline that is added in the Set Status to Closed node that happens down the expiry route so we know it's always going that way, even when pressing the button on the portal sets the status to re-opened (which then gets set to closed by the node).


We didn't set this up so I'm not quite sure how the expiry on a node works and why it's now not working. Any pointers greatly appreciated before we get people annoyed at us for closing their calls the instant they say it's not working!

Many thanks,



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@Jenny right, after looking into it, it seems we have a defect whereby when the "Suspend Wait For Status" resumes as a result of a status change (and not as a result of an expiry timer), the outcome of the node is set to "Expired" (this is incorrect). This is why you experience this behavior... I believe dev team is fixing this (if they haven't already)...

EDIT: ... and if I learn to read our internal discussions (more often) I would have found out or dev team actually found the issue and fixed it an hour ago ... *sigh... wish I can get the past 15 min back ... 

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