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LDAP Issues


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Hello this is me not understanding the instructions,  so i downloaded the 3.0 ldap tool. I understand run command  ldap_user_import.exe -instanceid $ourinstance -apikey $OurKey

However I am not sure what I use for the config section I tried linking the json file however I get these messages. 


[ERROR] Error Loading Configuration: Post /data/?method=entityGetRecord: unsupported protocol scheme ""
[ERROR] Error Loading Configuration: unexpected end of JSON input
[ERROR] Error Decoding Configuration: unexpected end of JSON input
[ERROR] Config Error - No LDAP Credentials Missing KeySafe Id 


Any help would be great.

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As i mentioned here: 

 The import tool was released early until the next Server Build is pushed you cannot make use of version 3.0, the error you are receiving is because of the -config flag and the name of the Import Configuration that needs to be setup in Admin is missing, the UI will show up with the next Server Build.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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