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Human Task - Completion Details - ability to set a mandatory

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For a number of our processes we are now using the ability to inject the Task details, i.e. the Completion Details, temporarily into a custom field, so that we can embed the details in the email being sent out by the BPM automatically.

This works fine, but there does not appear to be the option at the moment in a 'Human Task' to make the Reason (aka Completion Details) mandatory where required, which is what we would want to do in for these processes. Is there any plans to have the ability to apply options such as mandatory and Regex Validation etc?



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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Have you tried under each outcome you have for a task setting the "When this outcome is selected a reason has to be provided" option? It is set under the outcome (so if you have a Yes button and a No button you'll have to set it for both). We have some set that way in our instance and it makes them mandatory.




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