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User access to revision document

Guest jpopoff

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Guest jpopoff


I created a new library and shared it with multiple users. Some having more access than others as you would expect.

The document upload in this library got the revision on. As the owner of the library I can access any revision of the document which has been updated automatically (Report has been scheduled).

Now, I though that any users to the library would have access to all revisions which is incorrect.

Do someone know which permission need to be added to the role so that any users can access previous revision?

Many thanks,



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Is everyone in the access group a Full User or are some Basic? 

Basic users cannot see the revisions, only the active document. 

Other than that, I have reports set up the same way and all Full users have the same access with just the MyLibrary Portal and MyLibrary User roles (as well as the role for the report) 

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You will need to have modify content or modify metadata permission on a document to be able to see older revisions, currently this is only possible by sharing the document with the user directly in the sharing tab on the document details page.  The next release of docmanager will allow you to set these permissions when sharing documents through libraries too, this will allow you to give everyone in a group or role these permissions in one go, without having to set them individually

Hope this helps


Trevor Harris

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