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Identifying owner of ticket when Response SLA marked

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We have the situation where our 1st Tier are responsible for the Response SLA and our 2nd Tier are responsible for the Resolution SLA. Reporting on the latter is simple as the 2nd Tier person is the owner of the request when the requested is resolved/closed.

Before I go of and create a BPM process to store the owner of the request when the Response SLA is completed in a custom field, is this stored anywhere esle? i.e. who completes each timer?








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@James Ainsworth, @Steven Boardman

Looking at this further and the lack of holding/capturing the information in the product causes a few additional problems. As well as not having a standard field for who completed the response timer action, there is no date responded timestamp in the main table, only a duration held in which I am presuming is used to calculate and display the actual timestamp based on the service level working calendar.


Response fields



Without the response  timestamp filed if is not possible to use measures or reports based on the performance of the response SLA for requests where they have been responded on in a certain date range, so you cannot do real-time reporting on your Response SLA.

I think it would be useful to quite a few of us to have this information captured and updated by the application as standard, rather than having to use the BPM/Custom fields as a workaround, as that is not going to cope with all situation, such as requests being reopened etc.



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This would be really useful for us too if it ever gets any further.

I will try the suggestions in the attached post when I get time as it is something i have been asked for frequently to see where a breach happens when a ticket is assigned between teams.

If anyone got any further with this I'd be happy for any help! 


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