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LDAP User Import Logs

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I recently turned on the thumbnail image part of the import, which is working fine - but it does make the logs very difficult to read (and much larger) due to the Image Lookup URI - would it be possible to just indicate a success when this is found in AD rather than a string of mostly unprintable characters (see attached) which I'm pretty sure aren't helpful even when troubleshooting?

Screenshot 2018-03-08 10.23.31.png

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I can see the issue the logging is designed for when the Image URI is a ... URI :) but to support AD and its ability to store binary images it also represents the binary binary data. What we can do is for AD Image imports we can omit the log line, i will see if i can squeeze this into version 3.0 which is due on Monday  / Tuesday next week. 

This also has the ability to set the log level so debug entries are not written and the ability to delete old log files.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick 

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