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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (793)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Admin Tool (793) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • You can now share a HH Notice on social channels
  • Harry Hornbill Notices now support feedback
  • Harry Hornbill Notices now support “Knock Knock” Sound (This can be disabled in your profile in Collaboration)
  • Updated to use Font Awesome 5 Pro
  • Session Information now contains some missing values (Group & Role Membership, Regional Settings, Location Settings and Current Language)
  • LDAP import fields that support LDAP Attribute expanding now have a attribute selector against them.
  • Imports can now directly link to the latest available download in GitHub.
  • Ability to Copy an Import Configuration
  • Ability to set Log File Retention against a LDAP User Import in days, default is 0 (Keep All)
  • From Server Release 2893 it is now possible to view Import History against an Import Configuration. This also requires the latest LDAP User Import (3.0)
  • Imports Command Line documents now let you change the argument values and get a command line string that can be used to execute the import.
  • Imports now have a Documentation tab with links to Downloads and GitHub
  • .
  • Icon Picker now allows you to filter by the new Font Awesome 5 Styles (Regular, Solid, Light & Brands)
  • Icon Picker now allows you to select from the entire Font Awesome 5 Pro Range (2,481 Icons)
  • Adv Analytics - Widgets: TargetCounter - Increase header autotext by 5%
  • Feedback dialog display issues
  • Direct DB Export would only ever export CSV
  • Admin would not load correctly if the core initialiser threw an exception
  • Text Wrapping issue in Import UI
  • When adding a key safe item an event is now fired to update the LDAP Import UI selector of key safe items
  • Workflow - PCF - Editor: Setting user access permissions saving incorrect urn format.
  • Recent security change meant that it was not possible to assign a user to an Organisation from the User Details view.
  • Adv Analytics - Widgets: TargetCounter - Header text color & bgc settings not being applied
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