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BPM Looping question...

Paul Alexander

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In our BPM we have a loop which checks whether a Change Request has a linked Service Request. The way we do this is to use a 'get ticket details' node and, if the 'Flowcodes->Linked Requests' value is 0, it goes back to the 'Get Ticket Details' node and tries again. If the 'Flowcodes->Linked Requests' is NOT 0 then the BPM moves on.

My question is: Is this going to have a detrimental effect on the database with the (possibly) constant stream of 'reads' that it has to do when there are NO Linked Requests? 



If it DOES....then could I request that we have an additional item in the 'suspend' node which can wait for a linked request to be added to the ticket please?








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Hi @Paul Alexander  i am going to have to ask one of my colleagues to comment on the stress this might add if the loop is continuous - i would assume it will have some impact.

I have raised a story for the option of a suspend await a linked request - this is a relatively small story and i will update this post as it progresses


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Hi @Paul Alexander

As you have anticipated, yes this would be a bad thing to do. The solution is as you suggest we provide you with an action you can suspend on until the criteria is met, I believe the dev team are looking at adding this for you, its a minor and simple change so should be easy enough.  

As a side note, I have asked the dev team to look at the possibility of doing some additional Design Rule Checking on the BPM to prevent this type of loop from being created - just in case. 

Thanks for posting


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Hi @Gerry and @Steven Boardman


thanks for the updates.....I'll make sure not to make this BPM live for the time being then!! The sad thing is, it worked.....however, as these were only test calls I would imagine the impact would have been very small. In the 'real world' however a ticket could have been sat in a 'waiting' state for at least a few days so I'd imagine the impact would have been quite a bit bigger!

Hopefully the dev team will come up with something quickly though.

thanks again


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