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Widget - Open Requests per Analyst with Thresholds


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Hi all,

I'd like to create a dashboard containing a widget that shows how many Incidents and Service Requests each analysts have with colour thresholds set. The thresholds will need to be set dependent on the team they're a member of as for instance, the Service Desk analysts would have higher request thresholds than say, the infrastructure team.

Is this possible and how would I go about creating the widget? The only way I can see is to create a measure for each analyst which can't be right?

Thanks in advance

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You could create a list of counters widget and add all the analysts to the list. 

You can set colour changes based on numbers per list item. 

I have attached the config of a similar one we have for all teams (rather than all analysts) 





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@dwalby another options is a Data Chart Widget - SQL Group By for each team

* You can apply filters to the request table i.e status of requests, exclude requests not assigned etc

* You can look at data based on logged or other dates, and for definable date periods

* You can add a target line for the team on each widget

* You can add series to the chart to separate out which of the agents requests were Incidents and which were Service Requests

The config is pretty much shown below for this example 


The only other bit of config is the series, here is the config for the Incident Series, and it would be the same for a second series for Service Request, just replacing the Incident in the filter


Alternatively you could do as @Dan Munns has suggested.

Just coming back to your measures query, you would not need to create a measure for each Agent, you could just create a single measure for all active / open requests per day, week, month etc and then in the Saved Data Columns at the bottom of the widget config, if you include Ownername or any other attribute you can then group chart data by those saved data columns when using Measures as a source.


In the example below i am using the Measure Samples Group By Type and using a specific measure but them grouping this data on one of the Saved Data Columns in the measure i created - Services on this occasion, but it could of been any of the other i added to the saved columns for the measure (as shown in the drop down options in the config below. 


Hope that helps


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