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Hi, hope someone can advise! We have been unable to upload assets from our database using the conf.json - for reasons to numerous to mention. Not all that big a deal as we are a relatively small organisation. However, when adding assets such as pc's service tags, model etc I would like this information to be displayed on the Service Desk when the assets user logs a call with us. Any suggestions?



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Hi @derekgreen

If I understand the question right - Once the assets have been imported (whether you get the DB import working, or they are populated by the CSV upload under the asset management app, or manually adding them in), then as long as the assets user is populated in the used by AND/OR Owned by field against the asset then the asset will show under the customers assets tab when logging a call with you. 

The standard asset details form in Progressive Capture will give this functionality to both analysts in the user app, and customers on the self service to make logging against a particular asset simple.

I hope this helps.


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